Recital Information Final
Northwest Studio for Ballet – Kingsburg Ballet – 559.432.0155

*Performers do not need tickets. Every person attending the recital must have A TICKET.
Adults Advance $32 At the Door $38
Children (under 12) Advance $25 At the Door $30
(any child who uses a seat must have a ticket)
Please fill out the ticket order form at the Studio (at the front window counter) with the number of Adult and Child tickets.

RECITAL DVD: Advance $40 After 8/25 $45
Please fill out the DVD order form at the Studio (at the front window counter)

(1) Dress Rehearsal IS CLOSED.
(3) ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEOTAPING will be allowed during the recital performance. Photography is very distracting to the audience and the flash is dangerous to the dancers. The students have worked hard and deserve the best possible stage experience including the respect of the audience. THANK YOU for your understanding and cooperation.
(4) You can purchase the entire Recital DVD for $40 per DVD (Plus $8 shipping if you wish it to be mailed). The order & payment must be received by August 15th ($45 after 8/15) Make CHECK PAYABLE to Northwest Studio.


REHERSALS: August 21st, 22nd, 25th, 26th, 27th at NORTHWEST STUDIO.

Follow the “ LA BAYADÈRE EXTRA & FINAL REHEARSALSCHEDULE “ released on July 16th. OR Check Northwest Studio for Ballet website

DRESS REHEARSAL August 28th at William Saroyan Theatre

ACT 1 – Scene 1 & 2 Temple

Ballet 3/ Ballet 4 / Ballet 5 / Oscar Lozano,

Theater Call (must be at the theater) 12:00 Rehearsal 12:30 – 1:15

ACT 1 – Scene 3 Palace

Pre Ballet (12:30 – 1:30) / Ballet 1 Red Water Lilies / Ballet 4 /

Ballet 5 Gamzati’s Friends

Theater Call (must be at the theater) 12:30 Rehearsal 1:15 – 2:30 Students pick up

ACT 3 Wedding

Ballet 3 / Ballet 4 / Ballet 5 / Ballet 2 Pink Magnolia

Theater Call (must be at the theater) 2:00 Rehearsal 2:30 – 3:15 Students pick up

ACT 2 Kingdom of the Shade Ballet 4&5 Rehearsal 3:15 – 4:30 Students pick up

*Security at the Saroyan Theatre is tight. Whoever enters the theater building from the backstage or front door will go through the security table.

STUDENTS who have costume changes:

1.We highly recommend you wear a skin -colored camisole leotard under your costume. This will help you change costumes much faster and easier.

2.Write your student’s name on the costume. Place your hair piece and tights in a plastic sack with your name on it.

3.Come to the theater in your first costume. Hang the second costume on a hanger with your hair piece in a plastic bag.

4.Drop off the second costume at the changing area behind the stage or the dressing room.


From North: From Freeway 41, take the O Street Exit. Turn Right on O Street. Turn left on Inyo Street. The Stage Door is on your left. From South: From Freeway 41, take the Van Ness Exit. Turn left on Van Ness. Turn right on Ventura. Turn left on O Street. Turn Left on Inyo Street.

* Saroyan Theater Parking Fee is $10 charged by the City of Fresno. You can find meter parkin surrounding streets.

ONLY Gurage Parking is open. Please use INYO St. Gurage Parking Entrance. No Ground parking will be open.

• NO ONE is excused from dress rehearsal. If your child misses Dress Rehearsal, they will not be allowed to participate in the Recital.


• Bring your child to the theater already dressed in proper costume, hairdo, and makeup. We will not have time to help with your child’s hair.

• All Students, Studio Staff, Volunteer Helpers, Stage Crew, Theatre Staff are REQUESTED to wear masks in the theater building. Please do not forget your mask or your student’s.

• Ballet 3, 4&5 students: You must follow all the rules and directions. Other than changing your costume DO NOT stay in your dressing room. Costume change is 5 minutes. DO NOT LEAVE any valuables in the dressing room or backstage. We are not responsible for any losses.

• Ballet 3, 4&5 Parents: Send water, a snack / light lunch with students who are not leaving the theater after dress rehearsal. Students under 18 years old will not be allowed to leave the theater between Dress Rehearsal and the Recital unless you come to pick them up,.

• With the exception of parents of PRE_BALLET students, Room mothers or fathers, No Parents will be allowed in the theater during the dress rehearsal.

• ALL Students who are dismissed from earlier rehearsal: MUST BE BACK to THE THEATER by 5:45PM in costume, makeup and hairdo. (Pre-Ballet Theater Call is 6:00PM)

RECITAL at William Saroyan Theatre *There is a City of Fresno Parking Charge $10

Date: Saturday, August 28th

Location: William Saroyan Theatre

5:45 PM BALLET 1, BALLET 3, BALLET 4&5 / BALLET 2 Pink Magnolia 5:30PM / PRE_BALLET 6:00P

• Come back to the theater with hairdo and make. We will provide disposable masks to all students.

• Except PRE-BALLET and BALLET 1 Room Mothers and other Helpers, parents will not be allowed in the Backstage and Dressing Rooms during the recital. We will have supervision and guidance for the children.

• Please DO NOT pick up your student from BACK STAGE OR from the theater during the performance unless special early dismissal arrangements have been made by August 25th. This is very confusing and distracting to the performers and the supervisors.

• ALL STUDENTS will be on STAGE after Act 3 and Curtain Call. Please pick up your students from the stage area after the recital.