Welcome Back! Classes begin August 3rd.

July 27, 2020

In order to comply with California’s Phase 3 business closures:

  1. Ballet 2 through 4&5 classes are on Zoom.
  2. We have 6 classes outdoors, permitted by the City of Fresno and the landlord:
    1. Pre Ballet, Ballet 1A and one Ballet 1B and the Ballet 4&5 rehearsal
  3. If we are not permitted to open the studio, we will continue the outdoor classes for:
    1. Pre Ballet, Ballet 1A, Ballet 1B, Ballet 4&5 Thursday rehearsal and Ballet 3A & 3B Saturday class.
    2. Ballet 3A & 3B and Ballet 4&5 will continue with Zoom classes until the studio reopens.
  4. We will continue the current schedule until Saturday, August 1st. Both Northwest Studio for Ballet and Kingsburg Ballet will start the new school year on August 3rd.
  5. Starting August 3rd, please use the schedule below.
  6. The Recital date depends on when the State of California will allow Phase 4 businesses to open. We are holding the Saroyan Theatre for September 27th and October 25th.
  7. Outdoor venues are currently being looked into but will be “a large event” which is currently not permitted.


  1. This schedule will be the same day and hour for all classes regardless of the business shut down or opening.
  2. All Pre Ballet, Ballet 1 and Ballet 2 Classes:
    1. If the studio is still under the business closure order, classes will be outdoors in front of the studio.
    2. If the studio is open, classes will be in the studio.
    3. If another shut down occurs, classes will move outdoors on the same date and hour.
  3. All Ballet 3A, Ballet 3B, Ballet 4&5 Classes:
    1. If the studio is still under the business closure order, class will be online through Zoom.
    2. Except Ballet 3A & Ballet 3B Thursday 4:30 –6:30pm Outdoors
      Ballet 4 & 5 Thursday 6:30 – 8:30pm Outdoor


  1. PRE-BALLET PARENTS ONLY: One parent per student and limited to 5 parents at once.
  2. Parents are required to wear masks to enter the building.
  3. No other family members or guests.
  4. NO PARENTS IN THE WAITING ROOM from OTHER classes. We request that the parents of Ballet 1A and above not use the waiting room.


  1. Both front and back door will be used to avoid crowding.

FRONT DOOR: For drop off and pick up students of PRE-BALLET, BALLET 1, BALLET 2, OPEN BALLET

BACK DOOR: For drop off and pick up students for BALLET 3A, BALLET 3B, BALLET 4 & 5,

  1. We will check the temperature of all students and visitors at the door.
  2. We request each parent and student use hand sanitizer when they arrive.
  3. We will request all students to wash hands before and after class.
  4. Masks are required for all students and parents.
  5. Students may not bring a ballet bag into the studio. Advanced students: Carry your pointe shoes with you into the studio. You can change your shoes only at a designated area.
  6. All teachers and staff will wear masks and /or face shields.
  7. We sanitize all common areas before and after each class with a sanitizer.


Updates will be provided about the status of The Nutcracker November 24th-28th at the Saroyan Theatre, pending state and city regulations and requirements.

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