The Studio believes in educating children in the art of classical ballet. Great classical art focuses not only on the technical mastery of playing an instrument, painting or dancing but also on the history and philosophy of great and influential thinkers.

Pre Ballet

We tenderly introduce the beauty of classical ballet for ages 2 through 4 with a special curriculum created especially for them.

Ballet Level 1

Starting with ages 5 through 8, Level 1 prepares students for total ballet training. They are taught to “think,” “listen,” “body control” and “creative imagination” through once a week full ballet class.

Ballet Level 2A & 2B

Performing opportunities are given to our students starting at age 5 with our Fresno Ballet Theatre. At Level 2A classes will increase from once a week to a minimum of twice a week. Level 2B will attend a minimum of three classes a week.

Ballet Level 3

Students will start attending four ballet classes per week at Level 3A to prepare themselves for Pointe work. Level 3B will start Pointe classes and will be required to take four ballet classes, plus one stretch & conditioning class per week. More performing opportunities are given for the serious student at this level.

Ballet Level 4 & 5

Students will continue four ballet classes and one stretch & conditioning class. The Summer Intensive Ballet Program offers them the opportunity to learn Pas de Deux with guest faculty and professional male dancers

Boys Ballet

Classes specifically tailored for male dancers and taught by a professional male instructor.

End of the School Assessment

All students will be evaluated at the end of school year. This evaluation will include ballet syllabus learned throughout the school term. Each student will be placed at a level proper for the summer program and the new school year by their teacher and the director. Individual parent/teacher conferences by the director are available for all levels throughout the school year.

Stretch / Conditioning

Classical Ballet requires a strong upper body which holds the body in correct placement. It also requires a long extended line by learning how to stretch and extend the muscles. These exercises create a ballet dancers beautiful body. This class is designed to give special exercises for ballet dancers to keep the body well-conditioned and to teach and maintain flexibility. Non-ballet dancers are also welcome to take this class and will also benefit greatly from it.