Welcome Back!
We are creating something beautiful together again!

Safety of our students and staff is our priority. Northwest Studio for Ballet is following all COVID-19 guidelines.


  1. PRE-BALLET PARENTS ONLY: One parent per student and limited to 5 parents at once.
  2. Parents are required to wear masks to enter the building.
  3. No other family members or guests.
  4. NO PARENTS IN THE WAITING ROOM from OTHER classes. We request that the parents of Ballet 1A and above not use the waiting room.


  1. Both front and back door will be used to avoid crowding.

FRONT DOOR: For drop off and pick up students of PRE-BALLET, BALLET 1, BALLET 2, OPEN BALLET

BACK DOOR: For drop off and pick up of students for BALLET 3A, BALLET 3B, BALLET 4 & 5,

  1. We will check the temperature of all students and visitors at the door.
  2. We request each parent and student use hand sanitizer when they arrive.
  3. We will request all students to wash hands before and after class.
  4. Masks are required for all students and parents.
  5. Social-distance marks are placed on the floor, ballet barres, benches and chairs. Students are directed by the teachers to keep social distancing throughout the class hour.
  6. Students have a break every 15 minutes to go outside to breath and drink water.
  7. Students may not bring a ballet bag into the studio. Advanced students: Carry your pointe shoes with you into the studio. You can change your shoes only at a designated areas.
  8. All teachers and staff are required to wear masks and/or face shields during all working hours inside of the studio.
  9. We sanitize all common areas and room air before and after each class with a sanitizer sprayer.